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The Colorado Springs Fire Department offers fire and injury prevention programs designed specifically for students in 6th grade. To accommodate multiple learning options, this program is now being offered to your students either in-person, via video conferencing, or online. We engage students with activities, interactive polls, and video to teach them about fire in our community and the consequences of unsupervised, experimental or illegal use of fire.

Our 6th grade students will learn and practice:

  • Consequences for fire misuse
  • The crime of youth arson
  • Fire’s impact on populations & geography
  • Fire science and fire behavior
  • Types  of fire in our community
  • Virtual fire and today’s media

Program details:

  • Offered in-person, via video conferencing, or online
  • Meets the Colorado Academic Standards
  • In-person presentations will follow current public health and/or school COVID procedures
  • Multiple or back-to-back sessions available to accommodate block schedules

More Information and Program Requests

For more information on our FireFactor programs, please contact us.


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